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Our Museum

Accessible and Inclusive
Wonderscope exhibits – indoors and out – are accessible to those of various abilities, as are the restrooms, program rooms, party rooms, and other areas.

We also have a Relaxation Station for those in need of a quiet space and Sensory Backpacks for children with sensory challenges. 

Planning Your Day resources:
Sensory Map
Social Story
Visual Schedule

Sensory Backpacks
Families love visiting Wonderscope, but the various levels of light, sounds, and activity in the museum can sometimes be very overwhelming for children with sensory challenges.

To make the Wonderscope experience more accessible and enjoyable for these families, Wonderscope offers sensory backpacks. These backpacks, generously donated by Variety KC, contain a collection of items that help protect the senses from being overstimulated.

Each Sensory Backpack includes the following:
– Noise canceling headset
– Weighted blanket
– Dark glasses
– Fidget toys 

Sensory Backpacks can be checked out at the Welcome Desk on a first-come, first-served basis free of charge. Visitors are simply asked leave their ID at the desk. Backpack items will be cleaned and sanitized upon return and prior to reentering circulation.


Our Location

433 E Red Bridge Rd., Kansas City, MO 64131
We offer free parking in the lot right outside our door, including a number of accessible spaces.

Public Transportation

Wonderscope is easily accessible via public transportation.