Indoor Exhibits

Crossroads of Past and Future

Hop aboard a riverboat, railway car, and horse-drawn covered wagon and explore Kansas City’s history of transportation and exploration.


Enter Kansas City’s tiniest grocery store and play shopper, check-out cashier, and shelf re-stocker.

Creation Station: Design Lab and Art Studio

Join KC’s vibrant creative community! Dabble in a lab featuring design and technology tools and a studio filled with an array art and craft materials.


Splash away while engineering the course of water in a refreshing play area reflective of Kansas City fountains and rivers.

Kansas City Café

Plan, prepare, and serve up some imaginative cuisine at Wonderscope’s play cafe. The specialty? KC BBQ, of course!

On the Move!

Sprint into this high-energy zone to run, jump, pitch, throw, pitch – and imagine playing for a favorite Kansas City sports team.

Wonder Climber

Scale this KC-themed, floor-to-ceiling play apparatus until you reach the top and board a school bus that actually takes you outside of the building! Crawl through the caves underneath!

Kid City/Tot Spot

Explore this little Kansas City-themed nook designed especially for children under the age of 4.


Other Spaces

Other Spaces

Outdoor Exhibit


Venture outdoors into a half-acre of active exhibits that echo the greater Kansas City region’s diverse environments: urban, suburban, rural, natural, and agricultural. Make your way through a little maze and explore a fully-accessible treehouse.